Director’s Desk

Dear Parents / guardians,

We are extremely happy to establish ‘National Public School’ in this interior rural area far of a devoted English medium school was emerging in our minds from a long duration. This need became inevitable when a lot money lower income group people deserved a good English medium school at a very meager fee structure.

We planned it built our own school building in our own land with the immense help of the reputed guardians and other people, the school came into its existence.

In the changing scenario of education a perfect blending of Hindi or local language or English has become a need of the hour and for this very purpose we established this school. Learning with doing, education with physical diligence activity based learning and implementation of the bookish learning in our daily life are our key mottos.

We organize co-curricular activities at a very large scale so that the students may be able to expose themselves in the multi-dimensional arena of life. To nurture the students into grooming men we are trying to provide them with the best of language, craft, art, music, science, sports, math’s, and computer.

We are thankful to the parents also who have believed in our because we perceive the parents as a very dominant participants in educating the children.

Lastly we promise all of to keep our endeavor intact and ceaseless in providing the education which survives even then when what has been learned has been forgotten.

Thanking you


Vice Director